Every Girl and Every Woman is worth the wait. 

The Iā€™m Worth The Wait Campaign is an initiative under UNPLUGGED to ensure that every woman and every girl knows she is worth the wait. We use clothing, bracelets and coaching resources to promote the celibacy concept and self worth to teens and young adults

Below is a list of our endeavors:

  1. To help girls and women understand their worth and to equip them with the resources  and tools they need to help them to value and protect their purity. 
  2. To lower teen pregnancy and the STD rate among young women
  3. Provide resources, tools, and coaching for young women that will make them aware of the dangers of sex outside of marriage and the beauty of waiting until marriage
  4. Use the internet and other media outlets like social media, radio, commercials and celebrity endorsements to push the message of this campaign to a broader audience of young girls encouraging them to discover their worth and to wait until marriage.
  5. Provide coaching and support for young women that may struggle with peer pressure and other outside pressures.
  6. Provide resources for young men that will help change their perception of women helping them maintain the strength needed to wait.