Are you whole or are you full of holes?

A lot of people in our world today are unaware of the benefits of being whole. Unfortunately, a lot of people are full of holes. When a person is full of holes, they are incapable of holding anything and incapable of pouring anything. They are always empty. No matter what is poured into them; it flows out as quickly as it was poured in.

God desires for you and me to be whole. He desires for you and me to be intact. Think about it. Would you pour clean water or fresh juice into a cup with holes? Wouldn’t you count it strange if a person uses a pouring container with holes to water their plants? Then why do we think God is going to flood “blessings” and “resources” into our hearts if our hearts are still leaking?

You have to ask yourself, am I willing to let God do surgery on my life? Am I willing to let God patch up my heart to ensure that, when he pours into your life, his glory, anointing, love, joy, and peace are not wasted… My question to you today is are you whole or are you full of holes? 

My book The Purpose of Singleness was created to tackle the issues that keeps people from being prepared for the next level whether it be marriage, business, ministry etc. Many people are not ready for love, for responsibilities or for what God has for them but they will think and act like they are. This book will challenge that thinking and equip the reader with the tools and resources they will need to self examine their hearts and really ask if they are whole. God desires for you and me to be whole. I pray this book helps. Scroll down for more info on when this book will be available.