The Heart: an insert From World War M3 | Book Written by Joshua Eze

*Below is an insert from World War M3 Written by Coach Josh and will be released in may.* 

The Heart and The breastplate:

The breastplate is a piece of armor that covers the chest area. This armor is vital to anyone in war; because this armor covers the most vital organ we have which is our heart.  If our heart ceases to work then we cease to live. It is considered the core of our being. Just like our natural heart is the center core of our natural life our spiritual heart is the center core of our Eternal life. Our spiritual hearts parallel with what I said makes up our Soul realm. This is our mind and will. God is not going to judge us by the results of our actions but by the content of our hearts. Many people today are not guarding their hearts. They are leaving their hearts vulnerable to attack. Satan’s ultimate aim is to continue to defile the human heart. He aims to make sure that a man or woman’s heart continues to drift away from God. He aims that our hearts remain dark, even if we “profess” its illuminated. With a blanket of deception satan covers our eyes and misleads us to follow a path; from God not towards Him. If we do not know the condition of our hearts then how can we endeavor to stand with confidence on Judgment day?

    The bible is clear on letting us know about the conditions of our heart. It has a wealth of information about how deceitful our hearts can be and how our hearts can be purged and clean unto Righteousness and Holiness. Life begins and ends with our heart, both naturally and spiritually. Our natural life spans from our first heart beat to our last but our spiritual hearts span throughout eternity. The moment our natural heart stops our spiritual heart will be judged. How’s your spiritual heart looking? Satan endeavors to deceive us to remain blind to the condition of our hearts. The Gospel of Jesus Christ targets the heart first because it is the core of our lives. The Gospel immediately targets our sins against God. It targets our selfishness our pride and how our hearts are at war with the things of God. The Gospel immediately addresses the heart. Since the fall of man, human beings hearts have grown wicked, panting more and more after wickedness and darkness; beating impulsively after the things of the world while giving a deaf ear to the things of God. The moment sin entered our veins we were destined for Hell. The Wrath of God was shadowing us. But God’s ultimate plan was to send a gift a doorway for those who genuinely love Him to walk through and that was through the life of Jesus Christ who on His death and resurrection sealed a covenant between true believers and God. From this pinnacle point in History man now has to choose between darkness and light. Now the heart of man MUST choose to either pant after God or chase after the world. The sad thing is many people really believe that they are panting after God but the reality is they aren’t.

The heart must first repent before it seeks forgiveness. The travesty is that many people don’t know what true repentance is. The greatest deception satan has ever done was to dilute the message of the gospel. This one move by satan is probably the most genius move he ever made. He knows that the Gospel has power he knows that no partial gospel can save anyone. He knows that if I drift people away from God and His word then people will lose sight of the message. The full gospel acknowledges first the condition of man’s heart (repentance) while the partial Gospel acknowledges first the love of God (forgiveness). Before you can receive forgiveness you must first be humble and repent. Salvation is much more than a prayer it’s a process. Before Jesus even stepped on the scene of time; His plan was already finalized in Eternity. Before He created man he foreknew man's disobedience. And with His foreknowledge and omniscience He saw the solution of mans depraved heart. When he stepped from time into Eternity His earthly life wrote out the contract and His death and resurrection sealed and signed it. NOW it is up to those who believe and trust in Him to sign their end of the deal. This is not about works but trust and the trust is to completely surrender to Jesus Christ. Now His natural life wrote out a contract (blueprint) that shows us how we ought to live. His perfect life embodied the message he was carrying which was the gospel of the initiating of Gods kingdom. Jesus first words herald “Repent and Believe”. He tells us that before we can say we believe we must first repent and before we repent we must understand why we need to repent. The understanding portion of the Gospel has been left out of many “preachers and evangelists” presentations. They have also made a grey area in the area of repentance. Jesus made it very clear that the gospel is only accepted by those with an ear to hear. Now hearing here is not about the ability to hear but the ability to understand. Everyone or most people have the ability to hear but only few have the ability to fully understand what they have heard.

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