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Coach Josh is a certified Life Coach and Licensed Minister that lives to help people UNPLUG from the negative influences of Society and PLUG into Christ. His heart is for people to discover their God given purpose and to live their life connected to the eternal source that will never fail them. He is the founder of a local ministry called UNPLUGGED whose mission is to reach to coach and to send out.  

The early stages of UNPLUGGED began in Tulsa, OK in 2008 with two benefit concerts called Amped and Amped United. These concerts brought awareness to the issues that surrounded Tulsa’s inner city youth such as substance abuse, child homelessness and gang violence. By partnering with the local outreach organization, Chosen; 250 students from all over Tulsa were bussed in and were able to experience these concerts.

 In 2008 and 2009, Coach Josh began honing into the mission of UNPLUGGED by self-publishing his first book, UNPLUGGED.  It was during this time that Coach Josh also launched UNPLUGGED's YouTube channel with over 300 life coaching videos ranging in topics from Overcoming Substance Abuse, to How to Deal with Insecurities, to relationships. These videos enabled UNPLUGGED to reach an international audience diverse in age, gender, racial/ethnic background and socio-economic status.

On October 30, 2010, Coach Josh launched UNPLUGGED locally in the city of Charlotte. Set in an atmosphere of Social Mixers, UNPLUGGED hosts encouraging discussions along with interactive Q and A sessions to provide answers for participants interested in topics ranging from relationships to practical teachings from the Bible. Since 2010, UNPLUGGED has hosted over 200 events, produced over 400 YouTube videos watched in over 75 countries, answered over 250 questions, and hosted two benefit concerts in the heart of Charlotte.

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