About the mini course

The problem in our world when it comes to ideas is that a lot of people allow their ideas to stay ideas. God never intended for ideas to remain ideas he intended for them to turn into items, He intended for them to turn into inspiration... He intended for them to live.

The purpose for this mini series/ course is to help individuals discover, develop and distribute their God ideas. Our mission with this course is to equip people with the information and tools needed to impact the people around them and the communities they live or serve in.

Starting Thursday May 19th UNPLUGGED will be launching this mini course locally in Charlotte at Project 658 (3646 Central Ave) and online through multiple social media streams. If you are interested in becoming a apart of our course feel free to register below. And always remember your idea is only as good as the execution you put behind it.... Never let your ideas and dreams die due to procrastination give them life through execution. 

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Launch Date and Location: May 19th @ Project 658 | 3646 Central Ave. Charlotte NC.

When can I Enroll: Enrollment begins Sunday May 15th and enrollment for online users ends Sunday May 29th

Why is enrollment important?: Enrollment is important because it gives us the opportunity to gauge how big the course will be in the beginning but also we want to make this course as personable as possible and we want to get to know those who want to be apart of our course.

How much will the course be?: UNPLUGGED’s weekly class will always be free

Will the course be available for folks outside of Charlotte?: Of Course. This course will be available to everyone. Those outside of Charlotte will receive all video materials the Sunday after the Thursday night class. So if you are outside of the Charlotte area make sure to enroll so you can get all of the videos and worksheets.

What if I hear about this course after it starts am I allowed to still be apart? Of Course; all materials of the course will be available to you online and the course is not so complex that you can’t jump right in and flow with the rest of the class. But be reminded that enrollment for online users ends May 29th. 

How Can I support the course?: You can support the course by becoming a partner of UNPLUGGED by either giving one time or recurring. Partners will be given extra perks from UNPLUGGED as well as from the course. Become a partner today. Click HERE for more information on how you can support UNPLUGGED

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Registration for this course is currently closed. Feel free to check out the two videos below and all videos on YouTube. Coach Josh will be releasing a new course this fall. Stay connected with us below!

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WEEK ONE | May 19th - may 26th

Welcome to the course! Week ones video and worksheet is listed below. Lets work!

Also help us get the word out by using the #tag #FromStartToFinish and let your friends know that registration ends May 29th! 

WEEK Two | MAY 26th- June 2nd

Welcome to week two! Check out this weeks video on starving distractions and make sure to download the link below.

Also help us get the word out by using the #tag #FromStartToFinish and let your friends know that registration ends May 29th! 

Worksheet Notes

PDF Copy Worksheet Notes

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