Our heart as an organization is to UNPLUG people from homelessness, sexual abuse, fear, etc. and point them to the ultimate source who is Jesus Christ. Below are our initiatives and outreaches some of these are implemented now but there are some that will show you our goals for Charlotte and abroad. 

I'M WORTH THE WAIT: Every girl and Every Woman is Worth the Wait. 

The I’m Worth The Wait Campaign is an initiative under UNPLUGGED to ensure that every woman and every girl knows she is worth the wait. Through the use of t-shirts, bracelets, episodes and events the message of abstinence/celibacy, self-worth and personal discipline will be spread in a unique, attractive and yet non-threatening manner. For more information about this campaign feel free to contact us on our contact page of if you would like to order a shirt check out our store here: IM WORTH THE WAIT

Change for Change

Change for Change is our fundraising engine that enables us to support and help local and national organizations that serve children of all ages. The concept of Change for Change is simple. We encourage people to save all their loose change that fall between the cracks of their car seats, sofas, or wherever they have loose change and save all that change for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days turn their change into cash and turn it into Change For Change through our online pay pal service or through the banking system.


Change For Change will then send 70% of all the proceeds to our current partners while saving 30% that will go to building a dream center here in Charlotte called Hopeville. Change For Change will re-launch the fall of 2015. To give towards this cause feel free to by clicking the donate button below: 


I Follow I Lead 

The I Follow I lead Campaign is an initiative under UNPLUGGED to ensure that both men and boys understand the importance of following the right examples as wells as the traits needed to lead as a great example. Through the use of t-shirts and bracelets as well as online resources and events the message of manhood and leadership will be spread in a unique and effective way. For more information about this campaign and our products Contact us on our contacts page and we will keep you updated on IFIL. 

Hopeville Center and Hopeville Trucks: UNPLUGGED in the near future. 

UNPLUGGED desires to produce resources and programs that will sustain the UNPLUGGING process for individuals and communities. We want to be more than just events we want to be Gods hands and feet in the community and two of the biggest items in our vision is our HOPEVILLE Centers and our HOPEVILLE trucks. These two concepts were inspired during Coach Josh's time at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa OK where he heard about the dream center in LA and worked with the side walk ministry at Victory Christian Center in Tulsa OK and ever since then Coach Josh's heart has been for the community. We want to have centers through out the country similar to the Dream Center in LA than focuses on reviving the struggling communities providing them with support and resources to help them thrive. We also want to have trucks that can take the UNPLUGGED experience anywhere especially to the inner city neighborhoods bringing with us bagged foods, baby products and other goods and resources at a reasonable price or for free. If you want to hear more about our BIG initiatives or how you can help support it financially feel free to contact us.