prep. week. 

Below are all the tools you need to prepare for your 10 weeks. Prep week begins 1/4/16 and ends 1/9/16. Lets get prepping. 

Why the phrase "NEW DAY NEW ME"? Well as 2016 was approaching I kept hearing people say "New Year New Me" and I thought to myself if people harbor this mentality then they will only focus on being new yearly and not daily. My heart is for you to understand the importance of improving daily and having the mindset that each day counts and any day not lived on purpose will be a day wasted. I hope this plan will be a blessing to you. Scroll down to learn more. 

Time to get organized! I need you to clear some space and prepare your environment mentally and physically for the next 10 weeks. Here are some things I need for you to get. Below is your prep list;

    1. A Study Bible. I need you to get a Study Bible preferably the ESV study Bible you can get this bible on amazon or at a Barnes and Noble but if its too expensive feel free to use your old faithful or get one you can afford. 
    2. A Journal. Through out this 10 week plan you will be doing a lot of writing so a good solid journal or notebook will be needed! We will be spending a lot of time memorizing scriptures and writing down what the Holy Spirit highlights during our reading. Remember he is the best teacher in the world.

    Prayer is one of the most powerful tools for the believer. The document below is a prayer list where you can expand your prayers throughout the whole week utilizing each day to focus specifically on one or two items. We will also be using our journals so make sure to get a decent sized one. Click the link below to download and fill out the sections. 

    Weekly Prayer List

    During the next 10 weeks we will be spending a lot of time relaxing and connecting with our accountability partners. With that being said I need you to think of your favorite hobbies and places to go as well as one or two people that wouldn't mind holding you accountable during this process.

    Relaxation is important because we need to allow the body and the soul to recoup-orate from the day to day pounding that plagues us. Also a plan without accountability is pointless... take sometime this week to contact a person that will hold you accountable and take sometime to list some things and places that will help you relax. 

    During the next 10 weeks we will be getting rid of some bad eating habits including my bad habit of eating honey buns lol as well dedicating some time to working out. The goals is to ensure that God's temple that he has entrusted to us is healthy and fully conditioned to pursue the call God has for it. Take some time this week to list all the bad foods you may be over indulging in as well as see what 3 days you can dedicate to working out.