Propel Mentoring Program

Propel is UNPLUGGED's mentoring program for elementary through high school students. Our program is designed to PROPEL students into developing their social and creative skills with the intent of impacting their community. Our program is officially housed at Briarwood Elementary in Charlotte NC.

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3 years

Within the last 2 years we have served over 80 students within our program and we are now serving 43 more this year. Our theme this year is “You Are An Artist”. Continue scrolling to learn more about our programs.



Every young girl is priceless but not too many young girls know that they are. Our goal with our Rubies program is to help young girls from 4th grade to 12 grade discover and walk in their worth. Our mission is to make sure every girl knows that her worth is far beyond rubies and that they can become whoever they desire to be. Our curriculum incorporates social, emotional and leadership training, preparing young women to excel in business, school, and the creative arts. 



Every young man is an Heir but not too many are ready to be King. Our goal is to help young men develop the skills they need to one day be a king and to learn how to steward a career, a family a business, an idea etc. Our curriculum and resources are designed to help them follow the right principles and lead accordingly.

The Process

Our goal is to walk each student that is within our program from 4th grade to college. Our aim is to ensure that we support as many students as possible as they go through their different challenges.  


We are currently at Briarwood Elementary located in Charlotte NC and it is one of Charlotte's Title One schools, meaning that most of the students that go to Briarwood are living in some rough conditions and need support even for their basic needs. Our heart is to become the village for these students, helping them see that they can make it too. We teach within our curriculum that no matter what environment they are in they don't have to be the product of that environment but instead they can make that environment a product of them. 

Coach Josh aka Mr. Eze currently works at Briarwood as one of their BMT's (Behavior Modifications Technician). His heart has always been to not just impact a child for a moment but to walk along side them through as many moments as possible. Him and his team have developed a curriculum that will focus on helping students discover their purpose and find the value in their why. Our focus will be on 

  • Social Skills and Behavioral Development 

  • Academics and Social Change

  • The Creative Arts and Written Expression 

  • Entrepreneurship and Athletics

We want to make sure that each student understands their worth and how they can contribute to their community. We will be developing projects that will help them understand team work and the joys of hard work. 

We know that the process from Point A to Point Z is not always an easy one but with Gods help and with the help of those He sends we believe we can IMPACT Briarwood, CMS and other School Districts. 

If you are interested in volunteering, supporting or learning more about our programs feel free to contact us below and we will respond as soon as possible. Also if you would like to donate to Propel feel free to press the DONATE button below. 100% of all donations from this form will go to support our programs at Briarwood Elementry. 

Year Three - You are an Artist!

This year has been amazing so far. We are currently serving 43 students and we are aggressively pursuing our objectives. Our theme this year is “You are an Artist” and we are step by step helping our students learn how to discover, develop and distribute their art form.


Mr. Eze founder of PROPEL and the BMT at the school has written this years curriculum. Eze Says - Ezioms for the Students I Serve, is a book designed to help students process through individual, creative, relational and emotions struggles. His book helps students focus on their goals and to connect deeply to themselves and their purpose. This book has launched with it cartoon characters that will aid in the future of the program. The Bearwood Bears are 14 cartoon characters that represent some of the staff and students that walked the halls of Brairwood. We are excited about this curriculum and what it will open up for years to come! To order your copy of Eze Says or to learn more about how we can provide our services in your school click the links below.

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Meet Mr. Eze

Meet Mr. Eze the cartoon version of Coach Josh. The heart of Mr. Eze is to be the positive and supportive role-model every child needs. The goal is to utilize this character to spark inspiration within as many children as possible. scroll down to watch episode one of Mr. Eze and make sure to subscribe to the Mr. Eze YouTube Channel and stay connected using the hash tags #EzeSays and #Ezioms.

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