UNPLUGGED University is designed to shed light on and further address issues that keep UNC Charlotte students PLUGGED into the negative influences of society. While bringing awareness to issues such as low self-esteem, substance abuse and issues surrounding manhood and womanhood; UNPLUGGED U will provide resources and support to students and the local communities that surrounds UNC Charlotte. Our concerts, social events, thought-provoking discussions and coaching resources will assist UNPLUGGED in its mission to Reach, to Coach and to Send Out. Our Mission for the campus of UNCC is to bring UNIVERSITY (Unity in Diversity) through events, coaching resources and community outreach.


how we bring unity in diversity

Our Heart for UNCC and other colleges is to bring Unity in Diversity through coaching resources, the creative arts, concerts, and through community outreach. We understand the importance of college students finding their purpose and the best way for them to do so is through unplugging them from negative influences of society and plugging them into their ultimate source which is God. Below is a breakdown of how we bring Unity in Diversity


All of us have a purpose but many of us have a hard time discovering what that purpose is. All we need is that extra push or coaching to help us discover it. Founder Coach Josh is a certified life coach that aims to connect people to God and to their God-given purpose and has developed tools and resources to help UNCC Students discover their purpose. 

Creative Arts

The universal language of mankind are the arts. UNPLUGGED U. endeavors to bridge the many forms of the arts on UNCC campus (drawing, painting, dance, spoken word, music etc) and use these art forms to encourage people to UNPLUG from their negative influences and discover and be inspired to walk in their own purpose. 


UNPLUGGED U. Endeavors to provide an alternative to the social life by putting on high energy clean events to both celebrate UNCC talent as well as bring in other talents. Concerts are great ways to bring unity as well as celebrate common interest. 

Community Outreach

There is a powerful quote that says "You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you" UNPLUGGED U. strives to rally liked minded students to serve their local communities through local partnership like Habitat For Humanity and others letting them see the importance of serving others. 

Jesus Christ

UNPLUGGED U. is a Christian organization that anchors itself on the teaching of Jesus who through his life and resurrection brought Unity within Diversity. Our goal is to connect UNCC students through non threatening means to the only source  that will help them UNPLUG from sex, drugs and low self esteem and help them thrive in their purpose and that source is Christ. With that being said UNPLUGGED U. is open to all and welcomes everyone and endeavors to show you Christ through our lives more so through our lips. 

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UNPLUGGED University hosted its first concert on UNC Charlotte's campus in McKnight hall featuring performances by SSTEDI and Jackie Hill Perry. This night was full of excitement and we look forward to our next event. Below are photos and videos from this great night

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