UNPLUGGED's Life Course is the newest extension of UNPLUGGED. Our mission is to develop courses that will ensure that each student or guest will be supplied with the inspiration and tools needed to help them grow in their walk with God.

Our first course is WHY AM I HERE?

The worst thing for a person not to know is why they were created. This course will help you not only discover your purpose and excel in it but also give you the full understanding of WHY you need to know the One who created you. Its impossible for you to know your purpose and excel in it if you don't know the one who created you. If you are not sure why you are Here or what your purpose is this course is for you! Enrollment begins August 30th.

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The difference 

UNPLUGGED has modified its way of reaching people. We are now focusing more on developing courses that will not only dig deeper into Gods word but also provide participants with the tools and resources they need for them to apply what they've heard. The new UNPLUGGED has blended the social mixer with the college class room and we can not wait to invite you all to UNPLUGGED 2.0. 

Do YOU know your WHY? 



Launch Date and Location: October 1st @ Project 658 | 3646 Central Ave. Charlotte NC.

When can I Enroll: Enrollment begins August 30th

Why is enrollment important?: Enrollment is important because it gives us the opportunity to gauge how big the course will be in the beginning but also we want to make this course as personable as possible and we want to get to know those who want to be apart of our course.

Why Life Courses?: The reason why UNPLUGGED has shifted into life courses and not our regular events is due to us wanting to build a platform that will ensure that each person that becomes a part of our sessions grow. We want to incorporate more tools and resources that will help those that are apart apply what they’ve heard. We just trimmed some of the event/ concert components and added more tools and resources. We haven’t completely gotten rid of our love for concerts but just decided to spread that feel of UNPLUGGED out into quarterly events.

How much will the course be?: UNPLUGGED’s weekly class will always be free

Will the course be available for folks outside of Charlotte?: Of Course. Our life course will be available to everyone. Those outside of Charlotte will receive all video materials the Monday after the Thursday night class. So if you are outside of the Charlotte area make sure to enroll so you can get all of the videos and resources.

What if I hear about this course after it starts am I allowed to still be apart? Of Course; all materials of the course will be available to you online and the course is not so complex that you can’t jump right in and flow with the rest of the class. 

How Can I support the course?: You can support the course by becoming a partner of UNPLUGGED by either giving one time or recurring. Partners will be given extra perks from UNPLUGGED as well as from the course. Also there will be premium content that will be available on our UDEMY site that will be for a fee. Our premium content will have with it extra videos, podcast and tools that will help you along the course. All donations are tax exempt. Become a partner today. Click HERE for more details. 


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We are looking forward to having you be apart of our WHY AM I HERE course and we are definitely looking forward to learning more about you. Feel free to invite your family and friends to be apart of our course. All Materials including the syllabus will be released before the sessions begin. ENROLL Today! Utilize the hashtag #WHYAMIHERE to let everyone know you've enrolled!

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Course Home Work 

All homework assignments will be posted weekly below. Feel free to engage with us and utilize the assignments to help deepen your relationship with God and make improvements in each component of your life. 

Oct. 1st Videos and Homework

For this weeks homework I would like for you to develop a "Personal Board" or set aside a Personal area where you can place sticky notes (3 different colors) to represent your three parts (Body Soul and Spirit). For each category I would like for you to set goals; for example for your body you may place in that area "Run 5 miles this week" or "No fast food this week". For the soul area you may want to write "Spend 2 hours with a close friend" or "Call Jim and ask for forgiveness". and for your spirit you can say "Pray no less than 20 minutes a day" or "Memorize 2 scriptures on faith this week". There is more information towards the end of the first video below. 

*Also for the month of October read the book of Matthew, even if you finish the book in a day or so keep re reading it until the end of the month. Make sure to journal your reading and let the Holy Spirit guide you. See you all next week. 

To the left is my personal board feel free to be as creative as possible. The purpose of this exercise is to hold you accountable during the course. Once you finish take a picture and share it online using the hashtag #WHYAMIHERE


For this weeks homework I would like for you to listen to lecture two entitled "Identity and Self Worth" and complete the assignment at the end. In this lecture you will learn the importance of identifying yourself with God and not with the worlds system. At the end of the Lecture there is an exercise that I would like for you to do. Attached below is a document that has within it 4 boxes representing the 4 I's of Identity (Influence, Impact, Identity and Instinct) within each box I would like for you to write down the things that best suites that box.... For example in the influence box I want you to write down the top influences(ers) in your life right now and I then would like for you to go to the back of my World War M3 book and look up scriptures on counsel and friendships and ponder on do these individuals or things deserve to be in my life. (I go into more detail in the podcast.) 

Also I have attached a 30 day/ 60 day plan that I believe will help you grow spiritually, emotionally and physically. This plan will aid you in this course and aid you in completing and accomplishing your goals. I pray all these materials help! Keep pressing!   



Below are all the downloads you need for this section of the course feel free to engage with these exercises. 

  1. Identity and Self Worth
  2. WWM3 Book
  3. 30/60 Day Whole Person Plan
  4. 30/60 Day Plan Checklist





Oct. 15th homework

For this weeks homework I would like for you to watch Lecture #3 and download a free copy of my second book World War M3 (Click here to download) and go in the back of the book (Page 139) and find one scripture to meditate on this week. You know your situation... I want you to find one scripture to commit to memorizing this week and once you find it make sure to email me the verse God is wanting you to memorize. The reason for this is to build a new habit in you... a habit that will draw you closer to God through his word. Also I want you to download the 30/60 Day Whole person plan (Click here to download Plan) (Click here to download Checklist) and utilize this plan to help you through out this course. One last thing I want you to continue to read through the book of Matthew and reading one Proverb Chapter a day. Make sure to journal along side your reading and continue to ask God for revelation. 

Keep working on your boards everyone... You have until Oct. 31st to share them with me either online or through email (unpluggedcharlotte@gmail.com). Remember this exercise is for you. Love you all and keep pressing. 

Homework for November 

All homework for November and forward will be on our social site: (UNPLUGGED Social Site) Feel free to join and engage with other students. All other assignments above are open to the public. Join us on our social site